Friday, May 27, 2005

Time Marches On

For all the kindness that I've received since my last post ... you just don't know how much it means. I cherish the thoughts, notes and comments.

I'm still here (as you can see, or else it'd be all-to-freaky that I'm posting.) The antibiotics have knocked back whatever infection that I was fighting. I'm still just not hungry and can't make Ed and Kim realize that they shouldn't automatically stick a dish of food in front of me every time I go into the kitchen. To make them feel better, I'll take a nibble or two, but I really don't want it. They've even talked about giving me human baby food to up my vitamin and protein intake! Since the kitchen is a major place of activity in the house, of course I'm going to be there to make sure every thing's in order. I'll tell them when I'm hungry. (Hell, I'm a Siamese, if they don't realize by now that I'll complain when I want something, then they just haven't been paying attention for the last 16+ years!) The vet says that now that I'm done with the antibiotics, we have to watch to see if the infection comes back. I just don't want any more medicine. I love Ed, and I know he doesn't want to hurt me, but he even started using a towel wrap to keep me from running away at medicine time. I DON'T LIKE THE ANTIBIOTICS and I HATE BEING WRAPPED!!! Ed's talked with the vet regarding upping my pain medication or changing it to something stronger, which I won't mind. We're supposed to make that decision next week.

The vet has said that since I've surpassed normal statistics for longevity, we should look at each day, each week as a blessing. That's what we're all choosing to do. In the mean time, I'm enjoying the fact that Ed and Kim have seemed to have removed all restrictions on where I'm allowed to go, so I've been able to spend my days sleeping in some VERY comfortable places.

I'll update as I can.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Finding the Path to the Rainbow Bridge

There comes a time in any living creature's life that they must face their own mortality. Mine is now. I've been sick for the last few weeks have had trips to the vet. I've been put on some antibiotics to treat a possible UTI and that's made me feel better, but I'm losing my appetite and am feeling weak. I'm not ready to go, yet, but have promised Ed and Kim that I'll let them know when I am. I still enjoy being part of the family, fighting for attention, and getting the primo spot on the bed for sleep at night. I don't enjoy being given the medicines and have made Ed promise that if these antibiotics don't work, he's not going to force anything else on me. I've also let him know that I don't want any more tests, operations or any other poking and prodding. I'll still take my pain medication since it can be mixed with my food, is fish flavored and does help a great deal.

I'm not afraid of crossing the Rainbow Bridge, as I've led as good a life as any Cat could have done. I'd almost died as a kitten, was rescued, lived the college life, traveled, survived tornados and hurricanes, saw the creation of a family, the birth of Ed's and Kim's two children and now live in a large, comfortable house with three other Cats that have been nothing but fantastic and respectful friends. I'm excited that I may at last be able to see my sister Mei Ling again, as well as cute little Neko and Jasmine.

As I walk the path to the Rainbow Bridge, I will think about all the love I've received, and will be thankful for all the love I was allowed to give. Thank You, Ed and Kim ... almost 17 years ago, with you, I found my place in the sun and have enjoyed the warmth.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Things are Slow

I know that I seem to be apologizing for the lack of posting a lot, lately, but frankly, I haven't been feeling well. My joints have been really stiff, and I've been losing weight. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with me, other than I'm just too damn old.

Posting from here out will be infrequent at best, but I will check in every so often.

Thanks for reading my stuff.