Monday, July 11, 2005

The World is Her Litterbox

(or at least the family room.)

I've been doing well, I'm finally gaining some weight. Ed has been adding fat and calories to my food to build me up some and it seems to be working. The medicine is still irritating my ears when it's first put in, but I'm getting used to it. I have to go in for some blood tests in the next few weeks to see if we need to change the dosage.

In a surprising turn, Jenny has started pooping and peeing on the family room couch. EVERY NIGHT! She won't say why, isn't sick and otherwise seems very happy. On vet's advice, Ed has gone out and purchased special (and expensive) chemicals to try and get her to stop, but it's not working, yet. They've also covered the couch in plastic, towels and paper until they can figure out what to do. So then, Jenny started pooping on the floor! Myself, NotSo and Jasper really don't like what's going on and wish she would stop. NotSo has even taken to running up behind Jenny and swatting her in the ass. (Then running away, of course. Jenny is HUGE!) With the new chemical, even though the humans may not be able to smell the pee/poop anymore, we Cats sure can, and it STINKS! Ed assures us that even we're not supposed to be able to smell it in a couple days, but with Jenny doing this every night, I don't see how Ed can catch it all.

Unfortunately, it's making Ed and Kim VERY cranky, and that affects all us Cats. We're less apt to get treats.

Please, everyone send some good vibes our way to get this to end.


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