Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Too Many Kids and an Update

Kim is watching a couple kids during the day for a neighbor that needed some help. This means that for the next couple weeks, there are four kids running around the house, one of which is only two years old. They like "Kitties." Kim and Ed have made me "off limits" and amazingly, the kids have left me alone, even when I'm sitting in the middle of their activity. And if you've read much of this site, you know that I have to be in the middle of things, even when not feeling well, and even if the "things" I'm in the middle of are a gaggle of rug rats. I do tire out easily and will go sleep in Ed's office while he works. By afternoon, all the Cats will be sleeping in Ed's office.

As far as a health update ... I have stabilized somewhat. I didn't have a reoccurance of the infection, but it seems like my arthritis has gotten worse. Ed goes to pick up new pain medications tomorrow. I can no longer bend my hind legs at the knee and hips without a lot of pain, so I walk rather stilted. If I were a younger Cat, they'd probably be worried about rabies or something like that considering what I look like while walking. I am eating better, but need small helpings of food many times a day. I can't stomach full meals anymore, and just don't have a taste for the dry food that they keep out for me to snack on. Luckily, Ed and Kim realize that and as I'd stated in my last entry, will give me some moist food when I ask them to. I've said it before ... it sucks getting old.

I still can't get over the kind words many of you have sent, or included in the comments sections. Thank You. It does mean a lot to me to read them.


At 2:17 PM, Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are feeling a bit better I was so worried and cryed through the last two posts, keep remembering you are much loved ...I will keep you in my prayers


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