Friday, March 25, 2005

Sick Part II

Gross content:
It has been a living Hell trying to take care of my humans these last couple weeks. Ed's been sick with the flu, Kim has had a fever, K has been generating snot like I've never seen and Syd, poor, poor Syd had something call her tonsils and adenoids taken out. Then Ed's flu got better but he came down with a sinus infection that moved to his right ear. Besides having temperatures of 104.5, today the little thing in his ear called the ear drum ruptured. He had blood and goo coming out of his ear. It was quite gross.

However, since Ed's a big human, I decided to focus my nursing abilities on Syd. Making sure she's comfortable, and warm. And eveyone knows that petting a cat lowers blood pressure and promotes healing, so I've spent every minute with her. She's doing a lot better, now, but still needs to take her pain medication which makes her kind of loopy. No other Cats are allowed on her but me. Except at bed time, which has always been first come, first served.


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