Friday, February 11, 2005

Boxes and Boxes and Boxes


Holy Freakin' Hell!!! The Cats have not had this much fun in a long time...

One of the mini-humans in the house, S, is something called a Brownie. She wears this little vest with dodads on it and things. Well, for the past couple weeks, she's been selling cookies. Since our house is large and has a very empty front living room (no furniture,) all the troops cookies were delivered here, yesterday, to be stored and given out. There are dozens and dozens of boxes piled everywhere. The Cats are just going wild!! We love climbing them, hiding behind them, and Ed stacked a bunch of empty ones for us to climb in. MAN THIS IS A BLAST. I've been mostly pouncing on the other Cats, but as usual, NotSo's targeted Ed.

Last night someone came to pick up her mini-human's order and Jasper HISSED at her, because he thought she was taking our TOYS!!! I had to explain to him that we all need to enjoy it while it lasts because I heard Kim tell Ed that it'll all be gone in a couple days.

See, ya! I've got some pouncing to do.


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