Monday, January 24, 2005

Litter Wars

I've mentioned the issues we're having with how Ed has started changing the type of litter we're using. Basically, they're claiming that we track the clay stuff all over the house. I guess in looking at it from their point of view, there are pluses to moving us off the clay litter, but even though we're starting to come around to possibly even liking the clumping stuff, it's become a war of principles. How DARE the humans move us off the litter we've been used to forever without consulting us. We'll, we've started a new battle tactic.

We're refusing to pull out the big guns and crap/pee on furniture or carpet. However, now when we move to bury our crap, we found that we can fling the clumping sand farther out of the litter boxes. And since we have litter boxes with covers, our doorway focuses the sand straight out the front. At one point one of us cats (and I won't say who, in case Ed or Kim comes across this blog), kicked close to 2/3rds the sand out of one litter box. It must've been close to 15 lbs. of the stuff. (We have oversized litter boxes.) Ed came into the room where the boxes are to scoop them out, and found a HUGE mountain of clumping sand. (hee,hee) So although we don't track the sand around as much, it is a much more focused mess, and even costlier because my humans end up replacing more of the sand then they would have to if we just used the boxes normally.

Let's see where this leads us.


At 9:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath on this one Ming. I think Ed and Kim can outlast you on this one. It is much easier to clean up a focused mess than to have to follow tracks all over the house. And who says they don't just put the same sand back in the litter box. Your gonna lose on this one.

Uncle Mike

At 4:12 PM, Blogger Webmiztris said...

lol - funny, and Uncle Mike is right. We're using the clumping stuff at the moment and our cats like to kick a lot of it outside of the box. I just dustpan it up and dump it back into the box.

We careful with that clumping stuff though. I'm actually switching over to clay because I've read several articles saying the clumping stuff has carcinogens in it that are toxic to kitties. I used to ignore those articles, but now I've read too many and I'm worried my kitties are going to get sick. Check it out:

At 5:53 PM, Blogger walaski said...

Uncle Mike: I suspect that's what they're really doing. The thing is that Ed put down some cheap carpet (they're actually scraps from the old house) and the sand is getting down into the rug, so even if they're able to knock down most of the mountain, there's still a bunch going into the vacuum cleaner.

webmiztris: I saw that you'd mentioned it in a prior comment, but I wasn't able to find much on it. Thank you VERY much for sending the's a little concerning. I'm going to make sure the humans read it closer ... they may just have to change their plans.


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