Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Don't Tread on Me

One of the biggest problems with humans is that they are bi-peds, and I think that makes them inherently clumsy. Every moment of the day around here, one of Kim's and Ed's offspring is falling down. And Ed trips over everything...rugs, toys, his own feet. Although humorous to watch it becomes dangerous for us Cats when we become the unwitting victims of the human's lack of grace.

I don't care if the human is a ballerina, a football player, or just an oaf, if they are appointed caretakers of one or more Cats, they will at some point step on a tail or foot. And because of the overblown EGO of humans, I would be willing to bet they will blame the Cat for being "under foot."

Hell, we're "under foot" because you're freakin' STANDING ON US!

Please, if you're a human and you step on one of us Cats, apologize...offer a tasty treat, even a pet or a cuddle.

(BTW ... This post was prompted because Ed stomped my foot at dinner the other day. I know he didn't mean it, but Jeeze, he's fed us every day for years and years, and should've known that we have to move around to follow the bowls from the counter to our assigned spots and make sure they're correctly placed. He shoulda been more careful.)


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