Thursday, January 06, 2005

A Rant about Litter


Okay, granted I'm a cranky old Cat, but Jeeze, don't humans know anything? See, we Cats are not fond of changes. We like things to remain a certain way. So, understand that we Cats in the house are just a little upset that our humans testing different kitty litter brands and types on us. For years and years, we used Fresh Step regular clay litter. But now, each of the three litter boxes has something different in it. Folks would think we just wouldn't care, but WE DO!!! One new one now clumps up when we pee. The other new one also clumps up but has shiny crystals in it. Thank CAT that a box was left with the old stuff. But I heard Ed saying that he was going to change that one over soon, too.

Ed and Kim ... remember what happened that time you tried the pine nuggets? HRMM? Remember how I used to pee on your bed and poop around the house? You're on that track again, my friends.

To think that you humans make such a big deal about the brand of toilet paper you use, then think nothing of what you're doing to us.


At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is not a good sign. Tonight I'm going to shop for the cheap clay litter. I've always used clumping litter with my cats as long as I've had them, but today I was reading that the clumping kind is toxic to cats, so I'm planning on switching. They're NOT going to be happy, huh? ;-)



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