Monday, December 20, 2004

Games Cats Play, part 5: YARRRGH!

Playing Field: Anywhere in the house where Cats can be up higher than the humans, or with sufficient hiding spaces for Cats near human walkways.

Game Time: Any time of day.

Player A: Cat

Player B: Human

Game Play: Yet another "surprise game". Since humans are always preoccupied with one thing or another, this game is really effective in bringing them back to reality. Player A will take game position either hidden from Player B's view, or higher than Player B. As Player B stands under Player A's position, or as Player B walks by Player A's position, Player A begins the game and reaches out a paw to quickly touch Player B, causing Player B to yell, "YARRRGH!!!"

Player A's objective is to get Player B to yell, curse, drop items, trip, jump, or any manner of causing embarassment and humiliation. (Isn't that what we Cats really want, anyway?)

Player B's objective is to not look like a fool.

Points: This is a win/lose game.


At 1:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your kitty games are the best, Mingling!


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