Sunday, December 12, 2004

Christmas Time is Near!


It's that wonderful time of year, again. Christmas. It's time for Ed to start baking things, and Kim has been busy getting the decorations out. (Although tomorrow is the big birthday party for their youngest offspring, so the house is only partially decorated, and the only baking Ed has done is a birthday cake and some candies for the party.)

They put up the Christmas tree and Ed put all the lights on it today. If I have any gripe about Christmas, it's that when their oldest offspring, Syd, was born, they quit buying live trees and bought a huge (9ft. tall) fake tree. This is too bad, because I used to love the smell of the tree, and even better, I used to LOVE eating the pine needles and barfing my Christmas barfs. It's just not the same with the fake tree. Although, Ed and Kim did buy a very plush tree skirt that all the Cats in the house love to sleep on. We can't wait until they start putting the ornaments on the tree, so we can knock them down and play with them. We know that they put their "good" things up high, but we're trying to talk NotSo into climbing the tree to get them down.

We'll see. I'm waiting for Ed to take some pictures of us under the tree, and I'll grab them and post them.


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