Thursday, September 30, 2004

Humans - Sleep = Something to laugh at


Ed and Kim tend to stay up late at night, no matter HOW hard I try to get them to go to sleep. Because of that, they get a little weird because of being over tired. Well something just happened that just made me laugh and shake my head.

Kim is something called a "Brownie Girl Scout Leader." Syd is the Brownie. Well, tonight, Kim is sewing on patches to Syd's vest. Just a bit ago, she tried to lift her hand from the vest and the vest came up with it. Kim actually just sewed a finger to the vest. The thread went through the edge of her finger and she DIDN'T notice it. I.SWEAR.TO.GOD!!! She's just too tired.

I just HAD to run into Ed's office and post this.

Humans are SOOO strange.


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