Monday, September 06, 2004

WTF?!?!? What are they THINKING?


Holy Crap!

Um, I'm at a loss. Today started out okay, got up late, ate, slept. Then I heard one of Kim's friends come over and everyone's talking in the family room. So, wanting to see what's up, I go to check things out. As I walk into the room, Ed's sitting on the couch and he's trying to get my attention. I look up, and there's A NEW CAT SITTING ON MY COUCH!!! I tried to show him who's boss. Did my best "I'm the KING of this house" pose. I dared him to fight me, but he just stared at me. Didn't do ANYTHING! (I'm kinda relieved, really ... he's pretty muscular.)

Apparently, Ed and Kim are going to foster this cat for a little while and POSSIBLY ADOPT IT!!! This cat's name is "NotSo", which is short for "He's Not So Right". He's 3 years old and jet-black. He does have a disabled/disfigured paw, but that didn't stop him from wacking me a couple times.

I'll post photos soon as I find an image host (I may use Ed's server, if I think I can get away with it.)

Man ... my holiday was RUINED!


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