Monday, July 12, 2004

Cat Tip for Humans #1 - Bad Weather

It's been said that if there's bad weather, watch your pets ... we'll respond to changes in pressure/temperature/etc. and warn you of impending disaster.

That's all fine and dandy but also remember ... we will also jump and run if you drop a pan in the kitchen, if a car backfires in the street and anytime someone rings the doorbell. We're skittish, that's all there is too it. It won't matter if it's just a simple thunder storm or a tornado making a path toward your door, I'm hiding because I DON'T LIKE LOUD NOISES!

Oh, and all those animals that warn their owners of fire, flood or some such? They are trying to save their own asses and want out of the house also. You as the human have the opposable thumbs required to open the doors.

Think about it.


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