Friday, June 04, 2004

Language Gaps, part 2


Okay, remember in my bios below, how I mentioned Ed yowls a lot? He also hisses! I don't get it ... I get locked out of Syd's room last night and I want to go to bed, right? So I sit in front of the door and VERY politely ask to be let in. So next thing I know, there's Ed coming behind me, scooping me up and taking me into his and Kim's room, all the while hissing about "It's 4:00 AM. Whaddayadoing sitting in front of Syd's door Yelling for?" Yelling?!? Like I said, I was politely asking to be let in, and I was very clear in asking that Syd's door be opened so that I can go to bed. They'll NEVER learn.


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