Thursday, June 03, 2004

Language gaps


I'm not one for ranting, but:
Why is it that after 15 years, I've not only learned my human's language, and after careful study, can now operate their computers (they thought I was just sleeping on their laps when they were typing,) yet they haven't a clue what I'm saying!?! Jeeze, I only talk to them about a limited number of things, so as not to confuse them. In 15 years, I've only attempted to teach them, "Feed Me", "My water is empty", "the litter boxes need cleaning", "I need to be held", "I love you", and "I've just yakked on the carpet, please clean it up." They just don't get it. I tell them my water's empty, they run around looking for barf, I ask them to clean the litter boxes, and they tell me it's not time for dinner. Fer chrissakes, I love my humans to no end, but really ... superior beings? phhhttt!


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