Monday, June 07, 2004



My humans have called them, "Ghosties" or sometimes "The Rips." All I know is that sometimes I'm just sitting minding my own business, and an unknown force just starts poking me in the side. And poking and poking. I run left, they're still there ... I run right, but they stay right with me. Up the stairs, down, I even try running across all the furniture. Rolling, biting, I try to get them to leave me alone.

HolyJesusMaryMotherOfGOD, GET THEM OFF OF ME!!!

But then, as quickly as they arrive, they disappear into hiding, waiting to attack another day.

Why the HELL is Ed laughing so hard? Just wait, Ed. Just wait until you wake up tomorrow and open your eyes to find me sleeping with my ass in your face...who'll be laughing then?


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