Friday, September 17, 2004

Games Cats Play, part 3: Trip

Playing Field: Anywhere, steps or hardware floors preferred
Safe base: Under a bed or anywhere out of reach of player B

Player A: Cat
Optional Team A: Can have team play with any number of cats

Player B: Human

Game Play: This is a "surprise game" in that Player B does not know they are involved in the game until game has begun. Player A (or Team A) determines Playing Field. Player B unwittingly starts game by walking into Playing Field.

Player A (or Team A) has the objective to race in front of Player B and twist themselves in Player B's legs.

Player B's objective is not to fall down and injure themselves.

Points are awarded to Player A (or Team A) for:
  • Number of stairs Player B tumbles down
  • Hardness of Playing Field that Player B lands on
  • Number of objects Player B drops
  • For Team play, extra points are awarded for the number of Cats involved in Game Play

Points are awarded to Player B for:
  • Nothing really, it's pretty one sided. We're CATS, Remember?

Game is over when either Player A (or Team A) is able to make it to Safe base, or if Player B is rendered unconscious.


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