Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Games Cats Play, part 4: Rise and Shine

Playing Field: Every bedroom in the house that has humans sleeping in it.
Game Time: First morning light.

Team A: Cats

Team B: Humans

Game Play: This is another "surprise game" in that Team B does not know they are involved in the game until game has begun. Team A will begin game play when one of the team members notices that the dry food bowls or water mugs are empty. A "call to game" is made to the other team members who then begin to move from room to room attempting to wake up the members of Team B.

Team A has the objective to wake members of Team B and successfully get one or more to refill the food bowls or water mugs.

Team B's objective is to stay asleep.

Points are awarded to Team A for:

* Number of members of Team B are woken up.
* Getting members of Team B to feed/water them.
* Amount of cursing from Team B members
* Creativity of cursing from Team B members

Points are awarded to Team B for:

* Staying asleep until normal wake up times. (These may differ from weekdays to weekends.)

Game is over when Team B feeds/waters Team A.


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