Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Batten down the Hatches ... It's Birthday Time!



Syd's 7th birthday is coming up, so this past Sunday we had a "Lilo and Stitch Luau" party with her friends. Fifteen screaming, running, chasing, carrying, poking, (did I mention screaming?) mini-humans running rampant around the house. And you know, out of those 15, only one ... ONE ... kid understood how to pick me up? Oh, and PLEASE don't talk to me about how I ended up being somewhat of a party favor. But, MAN, I didn't want to go hide. I might have missed something good! Hell ... NotSo slept the entire time in the kitchen and they didn't bother him! Nope...gotta go for the old man.

And why the HELL did Kim and Ed put a "waterfall" of balloons down the stairs, where if I wanted to take a breather, I'd have to try and get through.


Well, if you want to see what was up, here's a link to Ed's weblog, there's an article with the pictures on it.

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