Friday, November 12, 2004

Time and Weather


Has it really been over 10 days since I've written? Sorry. Seems my human, Ed, can't keep his computers running, and of the two that I know work all the time, one is up too high for me to get to, and the other is his work computer and he just changed the password so I don't know it. I'm not allowed out of the house, so using the library is out. (Besides, that'd probably freak too many humans out.)

Anyway, I've got a couple gripes (besides the whole computer access stuff.)
Who the HELL invented Daylight Standard time and Daylight Savings time here in the US (or "Summer Time" for my friends in the EU)? (Okay, I know Benjamin Franklin had a hand in it but it wasn't him. Here's an interesting place for the history Daylight Saving Time.) All I know is now that we've "fallen back" I get fed an hour later. Jeeze, Ed, it's the SUN that sets the time of day! Quit looking at the FREAKING CLOCK to see when to feed us. Trust that when all the Cats in the house are sitting in the kitchen looking at you, IT'S TIME TO EAT!!! growl

Second problem: I'm old, the temperature is dropping, (we're in North Carolina, USA, so 40 degrees F is getting cold to us.) Why won't my humans put the heat on? I see them put sweaters on, extra blankets on the bed, lap blankets in the sitting rooms. I NEED MORE!!! I don't like getting under the blankets, Ed, Kim and Syd move too much when I sleep on the beds. TURN ON THE HEAT!!!!

And it can only get worse as the winter arrives


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