Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy Friggin' New Year!


It's another New Year! Even after a couple days, I'm still trying to get over staying up late, eating all kinds of food, and hiding from those idiots that insist on shooting off firecrackers or banging pots. (Shh...don't tell my humans about the eating part, they don't know that NotSo got on the buffet and knocked some food down for us.)

I'll try and catch folks up in the next couple days on how the holidays were for us cats. We did get a lot of new toys and the promise of new beds. We camped out in the living room, although the humans seemed to think the tent, cots, and blankets were for them to enjoy. Quite a bit of fighting over that.

Well, I need to enjoy this 70 degree North Carolina weather, so I'll write some more later.


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