Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Operation "Unhinged"

All the Cats decided a couple days ago that since the humans are on vacation and around the house a lot, we're going to drive them crazy. Now that we're four-on-four, the idea is that each Cat has taken a human to work with and push until they snap.

Jasper vs. Kim: Jasper really hasn't changed his normal behavior much. He's watching Kim and everytime she settles down, he'll sit down next to her and continuously meow in one second intervals until Kim is forced to move, or he's booted from her vicinity. For this little "experiment" though, he's also added a night element where he'll also do this when Kim is in bed. After he sees that she's asleep, he'll jump up on the bed, walk up near her head and again meow in perfect one second intervals. He doesn't change pitch or length of meow ... it's almost like he's playing a recording over and over again. This is starting to prove fairly effective in getting to Kim's boiling over point.

Jenny vs. K: Similar to Jasper, Jenny now watches to see where K goes to play and as soon as she sits down, will go over and practically sit on her, or at the very least sit on K's toys. Since Jenny only weighs a few pounds less than K, K cannot move her easily and becomes frustrated. Since K is only three years old, she may be harder to crack, but Jenny's giving it her all.

Ming vs. Syd: I've taken on Syd. Although Syd is only seven years old, she sleeps like a teenager. She loves to sleep in during the mornings. Frankly, since I can't hear too well anymore, I didn't realize how effective my plan would be, but now every morning for the past few days, I'll go into Syd's room, jump on her bed and sit on her chest. Then I'll put my face about an inch in front of hers and Yowl. I thought I was just whispering, but the other Cats have told me that I'm almost echoing through the house. Well, this forces Syd up. What's driving her crazy is that she loves us Cats and really wants to have us in her room, but she wants me to leave so she can sleep.

NotSo vs. Ed: By far the best idea so far is how NotSo has targeted Ed. NotSo has figured out a wavelength of Ed's brain that triggers when Ed is going to sit down. No matter where NotSo is in the house, as soon as Ed goes to sit down, NotSo gets the signal and will race in and sit in Ed's intended chair. This is especially effective since Ed still wary of upsetting NotSo since he's the new cat and disabled on top of it. Ed, who usually thinks nothing of booting any of the other cats off chairs will actually find another chair to sit in or bribe NotSo off the original chair. Finding another chair is really not an option because NotSo will just race to that chair and sit in it first. He's perfected the "What? I've been sitting here the whole time! How could you almost sit on me?" look.

If this proves effective, I may have to make this a "Games Cats Play" game and let all the other Cats in the world know. I'm sure any Cats reading this blog will try it on their humans. I hope they report back to provide a test sampling on the success. Who knows, maybe this will be the effective course of action to bring Cats closer to their plan of global domination!


At 12:03 PM, Blogger Webmiztris said...

Your entries are awesome! My one cat likes to play the "Let's be really noisy and wake up our humans at 7:00 a.m. so they will feed us" game He'll get on my nightstand and knock over everything he can over, or bite at it. If I have a glass there, he'll stick his face in it. This game has proven quite effective because we have no choice but to get up and feed them if we want more sleep.

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