Friday, January 14, 2005

I'm Tired!


I am absolutely beat! We had really bad weather last night, with tornado WARNINGS, thunderstorms, high wind warnings, tons of rain, and did I mention TORNADO WARNINGS?!? It's still raining. If you take a look at the pictures I linked to in yesterday's post, and all the grassy areas you see the brown animals walking in? (I now know they're called "deer".) If Ed took pictures today of the same area, it'd just show water ... lots and lots of water. Usually there are two streams and one large pond back behind the yard, today it's just one big river. Ed says that some animals called "beavers" have built a dam that's backing everything up.

Well, we didn't have any tornados here (I'd seen them when Ed and Kim were in college), but someone in a nearby town had the front of their house sheared off. Off course, since it was nighttime, Ed was awake most of the night watching the TV, and even when he fell asleep he had his pager in his hand so it'll wake him up if any other warnings came through. Since Ed was awake most of the night, so was I, and every time his pager went off, we all woke up.

If I don't get my 18 - 22 hrs. of sleep a day, I'm not good for much. I'm gonna grab a nap. I peeked in on Ed in his office, and he's just sitting there staring at his desk. I don't think he'll be worth much today, either.


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