Monday, January 24, 2005

I WILL Kill the TV and Spread it's Parts Around the House!


It's 30 MINUTES past my dinner time and Ed & K are just sitting in the living room watching Food TV. Twice now, I've gone in there to remind him that it's DINNER TIME, and he's just waved his hand at me!

I repeat ... he's waved his hand at ME!!! UNFRICKIN'BELIEVABLE!

This all goes back to the main thing I've always tried to let my humans know:
Cats DON'T like change. Dinner time is 6:00's always been 6:00 PM, not a moment later. Although if they want to feed us earlier, they can. They'll just have to expect to give us a little more at 6:00 PM, because regardless of when they feed us, dinner is at 6:00 PM! (Think I've made my point?)

I can see all the other Cats sitting in the living room staring at Ed, and he's finally noticed. I'm going to join them as soon as I publish this, and if he doesn't feed us, I'm going to push that TV over.


At 2:02 AM, Blogger Sherry said...

Temper Temper dahhlin! Don't ya know you can catch more flies with honey? Yes...I know it isn't flies your after but apply the same logic to Ed.


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