Monday, March 14, 2005

Turn Your Head and Cough

Why is it when humans get sick, they have to let everyone and thier mothers know that they don't feel well? When Cats get sick, we find a warm spot to lay in and keep to ourselves until we feel better.

This week has been just horrible...first Kim was sick last weekend, then K and Syd started getting the sniffles until Wednesday, when Syd had a melt down and ended up out of school on Thursday. K's been running around hacking and sniffling and spreading her germs everywhere (and AGAIN with the sleepless nights!) Just when things seemed to be clearing up this past weekend, Kim had a relapse. Finally, sometime during Sunday afternoon/evening, Ed crashed and is now sick.

The common trend with all of them (besides the actual sickness?) They all are (or have been) complaining, moaning, coughing, sneezing and generally making a disgusting racket. Just GO LAY DOWN for God's sake! Pay attention to what we Cats do. You'll feel better after a nap.


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