Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Training Time


Hi, all. I'm still around. Sorry I haven't written much lately, but remember ... I'm a Cat and either I'm:
1.) Too busy taking naps
2.) Too busy eating
3.) Just don't care

But I do have to let you know about my latest effort at training my humans to do things for me.

Since I've been losing my hearing, the other Cats (and humans) have told me I'm getting louder and louder. I guess I have been yelling more, so that I can hear myself. So, anyway, at night when I'm going to bed, I like to announce to Ed and Kim that I'm in the room. Then I ask if I can jump up on the bed. The humans would normally tell me that I can jump up. In the last couple months, the humans seemed to have stopped inviting me up. So I'll ask louder and louder. Well...this had the surprising side effect that when I did that, Ed would get out of bed, find me in the dark, pick me up and put me in bed. I've continued to do this, and now have Ed trained that usually on my first or second "Meow", he'll get me. MAN! That's SERVICE!!

However, my female human, Kim, is not so trainable. In fact, it appears the she's now trying to UNDO my training! She's actually trying to make Ed NOT come get me! Growl

I do think I'm winning this round, though.


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