Friday, May 27, 2005

Time Marches On

For all the kindness that I've received since my last post ... you just don't know how much it means. I cherish the thoughts, notes and comments.

I'm still here (as you can see, or else it'd be all-to-freaky that I'm posting.) The antibiotics have knocked back whatever infection that I was fighting. I'm still just not hungry and can't make Ed and Kim realize that they shouldn't automatically stick a dish of food in front of me every time I go into the kitchen. To make them feel better, I'll take a nibble or two, but I really don't want it. They've even talked about giving me human baby food to up my vitamin and protein intake! Since the kitchen is a major place of activity in the house, of course I'm going to be there to make sure every thing's in order. I'll tell them when I'm hungry. (Hell, I'm a Siamese, if they don't realize by now that I'll complain when I want something, then they just haven't been paying attention for the last 16+ years!) The vet says that now that I'm done with the antibiotics, we have to watch to see if the infection comes back. I just don't want any more medicine. I love Ed, and I know he doesn't want to hurt me, but he even started using a towel wrap to keep me from running away at medicine time. I DON'T LIKE THE ANTIBIOTICS and I HATE BEING WRAPPED!!! Ed's talked with the vet regarding upping my pain medication or changing it to something stronger, which I won't mind. We're supposed to make that decision next week.

The vet has said that since I've surpassed normal statistics for longevity, we should look at each day, each week as a blessing. That's what we're all choosing to do. In the mean time, I'm enjoying the fact that Ed and Kim have seemed to have removed all restrictions on where I'm allowed to go, so I've been able to spend my days sleeping in some VERY comfortable places.

I'll update as I can.


At 1:14 PM, Blogger Jovianne said...

Sounds like you are feeling somewhat better!
Go lay in that sunshine and keep us posted as you can.
How wonderful it was to read this post of yours !

At 3:00 PM, Blogger Sherry said...

My little friend you have to fogive us humans, sometimes we over do things when we are worried about our loved ones.

I am happy to hear that the antibiotics worked well. You're in my thoughts and my prayers and I send you all the love that you can stand.

Take care of yourself little one.


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