Friday, June 10, 2005

Not Again! Arrrrgh, humans are SO Sneaky!


Okay, so I'm happily taking a nap this morning, right? Well, Ed comes and sits by me, so I climb into his lap because he looked like he needed a snuggle. Next thing I know, he and Kim are putting me in my crate and out the door I go.

It was yet ANOTHER Vet visit, and this time I didn't know about it, because I've been feeling a little better. Anyway, it was "just" for a checkup, medication consultation and yearly shots. Well, the incredibly nice Doctor decided since I'm old, and since I'm an indoor cat and since my rabies shot isn't due to next year, she'd forego my other shots. I LOVE HER. Then we discovered that I'd lost another 1/3rd of a pound since my visit two weeks ago, so they decided to take some of my blood. MY BLOOD!! I didn't agree to that, but I guess Ed has power of attorney, because they did it on HIS agreement ... NOT MINE! Anyway, they're afraid that my thyroid tumor is back. *sigh* And here I thought Ed wasn't going to let them poke me anymore.

Oh, and speaking of poking me ... They did find that something called my anal sacs were impacted and overloaded, so needed to be "expressed." DO YOU KNOW WHERE THOSE ARE?!? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY DID TO ME?!? OH.MY.CAT! But I have to admit, I'm feeling better "back there."

The blood tests are supposed to be back Monday morning at the latest, so we'll see what's going on. Meanwhile, the Vet said to feed me as much as I want, when I want. (Did I mention that I.LOVE.HER?)


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