Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Your Guest Cat Tonight is .... NotSO


How y'all doin'? Ming asked that I log on (he taught me) and relate the fun that I had wid one of the human's "play group."

It relates to Ming's last entry talking about how ya really gotta like the Cats, if you gonna be in our house? Well, this past Friday, the smallest human, K, had a bunch of rugrats over. Well, normally, I'd just go upstairs and sleep on a bed, ya know, but I sensed that one of the mini humans was, like, uneasy wid me. Sure enough, all I had to do was just walk by her and she'd scream and jump up on a chair or run to her momma, ya know? So's I decided that she'd be my friend. Shoot, every five minutes I'd run through the room and head straight for her. She'd scream, cry and run for her momma. The best part, tho, is that her momma wants her kid to get used to Cats, ya know, so they didn't chase me from the room! So for two hours, I'd just go try and rub on her every five minutes.

I don't know how someone wouldn't like li'l ol' me.



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